Richet Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

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Richet Lisapol Premium Liquid Soap

Richet Lisapol Premium Liquid Soap

It should be made as per instructions given inside the box. It will be a premium grade of lisapol made from LABSA and other surfactants. It will be skin friendly if instructions followed properly. It is as equal to dish was liquid. It is a medium grade of detergent liquid and dis wash liquid. It can also be used for flooring of greasy area.


Sizes available :

  • Box Packing for 5 litre Lisapol
  • Raw Material with instructions manual

Raw Material Used :

  • LABSA plus other ingredients inside the box

Special Features :

  • Super Quality Lisapol
  • Odorless

Applications :

  • Home
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restuarants
  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Nursing Homes
  • Schools etc

Technical specification :

  • PH Value Maintained
  • Skin Friendly

Colors & packaging available :

  • Transparent